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This page is dedicated to the PSU Orange 2 3D printer. This unit will follow the design of the Open Hybrid Mendel developed by students of the EDSGN 497 class at The Pennsylvania State University.

Operating Specifications

Operating Specifications
Name Status Design Electronics Firmware Extruder Running Temp Comments
Orange 2 Running Ohm RAMPS ??? ??? ???

Work in Progress

4/21/2013: Printer is operable by struggling. The x axis loses its positioning during mid print and ruins the print. This printer also has randomly stopped in mid print and freezes. Causes of it stopping are unknown.

The extruder can also provide some problems. There is currently a .35 mm hot tip on the printer. This tip is capable of high resolution prints but has yet to produce results. The extruding is also not consistent for each layer.


It is unknown who built this printer.

The Spring 2013 Yellow team has been using this printer for the majority of the spring semester. Many bugs have been worked out of the system and there are still more to work out.

PSU Orange 2 - Current Condition

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