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Hi, my name is Tim and along with a few other co-workers here at Sportvision we are building a Prusa Mendel. Hopefully the details of our build will help others who are starting out.

I started our build by ordering a set of printed parts from a seller on eBay and a full hardware/electronics kit from

Prusa Mendel Visual Instructions

Here is some great intro information to supplement our build: Building Your Own 3D printer

Here is another blog with good build info: Building a RepRap Prusa Mendel


I'm currently assembling the frame. Should have it all squared up and tightened by the end of the week.

The pulleys included with the printed parts set don't seem to seat with the belt very well. I'm thinking we should just order some good pulleys and belts from SDP.

Pulley: [1]
Kent Oct 17, 2011: ordered Pulleys and Belts from SDP. 2 of these:

and 2 of these:

We also need to decide if the initial build will use printed PLA bushings or if we should go straight to LM8UU linear bearings.

Tim - October 13, 2011: I've ordered 12x LM8UU linear bearings from an eBay seller. They should arrive in 1-2 weeks.
Tim - October 13, 2011: I've ordered a Heatbed MK1 PCB from RepRap-USA.


Cold End

The kits I purchased included all of the plastic parts and hardware for Wade's Geared Extruder

Wade’s Geared Extruder Visual Instructions

Hot End

The hardware kit from includes parts to build this hot end.

Having read that this simple hot end design can fail rather quickly, I'm tossing around the following ideas:

1. Making a variation of this or this.

2. Getting a groovmount from MakerGear and using the other parts we have.

3. Getting a complete hot end kit from MakerGear or RepRap-USA.

Kent - October 12, 2011: The end used on the J Head MKIII-B RepRap-USA. is brilliant. Wether we decide to purchase or make our own version this method has the most potential to last longer and be up and working faster.
Tim - October 13, 2011: I've ordered the J Head from RepRap-USA.


RAMPS1.4 electronics are on order and should be here by the end of October.



Host Software

Skein Software – SFACT

Host – Pronterface