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Prusa3StarWarsEdition Documentation
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Release status: working

Prusa i3 frame design by Andrii Herasymenko
CAD Models
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About project

In fact, the design of most 3d printers is boring and technological.

And since my son likes the Star Wars universe, the new design is dedicated to him.

Sensing the approach of terrible events, I finished the construction in the winter of 2022.

But because of Russia's war against my homeland, which directly affected my family, I am publish the construction only now.


1. Better body strength than the Prusa i3, which gives stable printing.

2. Simple ability to create a closed print field for using ABS filament.

3. The possibility of transporting the printer without disassembly and without using packaging. After covering 800 kilometers in the car, my printer started printing without any settings.

4. Easy access to printer components for easy design changes and adjustments.

5.Yes, the case is quite bulky, but all the tools and several spools of filament fit inside it without taking up space around.

Also, this printer is ready to install a dual extruder.


The development of the Prusa3StarWarsEdition is placed on github:

Dіfference from Prusa i3

In fact, to rebuild it to StarWars edition you need next things:

500х1250мм sheet of 6mm-thickness plywood and acess to laser cutter (drawings in /cad folder on github)

Threaded rod M10, 50cm(4x) + 16 nut&washer

Threaded rod M8, 50cm (4x) + 16 nut&washer

longer Z-axis smooth rods - 375mm (x2)

Two 80mm screw 4 filament coil holder with width of 60mm.

4 printed parts - TIEFighterZholder.stl (x2) & TIEFighterSideCap.stl (x2) (see in /stls folder on github)

1000mm 12V white led stripe connected to power

1000mm 12V red led stripe connected to hotend heater line

Black spray paint - 3х 400gramm can.

White adhesive tape 16-19mm width

Any other&small parts same as in original Prusa i3


What's next?

This build disrupts the balance of the Force, so you're in for a light build in the future.

May the Force be with you!