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Plastic Recycler

Release status: Concept

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HDPE Recycler
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The Plastic Recycler is intended to allow HDPE milk jugs to be recycled into usable plastic filament. The design here is heavily based on the Lyman extruder.

General Design

  • A 5/8" (0.625" diameter) Wood Auger bit will move the plastic.
  • 1/2" SCH 20 Brass pipe will form most of the remaining tube. (ID 0.626")
  • The nozzle will be a cap with a hole drilled in it.
  • Heat the tube will be heated with Nichrome wire.
    • Currently it looks like 3 heaters will be used. One 15W 5v heater to provide a base draw on the power supply. One 65W 5V heater and one 140W 12V heater. The power supply cannot supply enough power at either 5V or 12V alone to run the recycler.
  • Fiber glass cloth will be used to electrically insulate the brass tube from the NiChrome.
  • The frame will be made of plywood and 2x4s
  • The drill bit will be driven by an old 6V cordless drill gearmotor.
  • The hopper will be made from edge-glued 1/4" x 1.5" lumber
  • Power will be supplied by an old/cheap PC power supply.
    • A 250W PC power supply will be used.
  • The whole setup will be controlled by an Arduino Nano v3 microcontroller.