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Phase 1

Release status: working

An affordable high quality RepRap 3D printer
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Phase 1 is an affordable high quality RepRap 3D printer.


Phase 1 was created to be a value 3D printer available. Phase 1 was designed to be the compromise between cheap, dangerous, low quality RepRap kits and the expensive, high quality RepRap Kits. Phase 1 prints reliably and accurately at a price that you can afford. Phase 1 affordably delivers the full experience of assembling a RepRap 3D printer without sacrificing performance and build volume.


  • 200 x 200 x 200mm Build Volume
  • MK3 Heated Bed Standard
  • Printing Speeds of up to 60 mm/s (faster has not been tested)
  • Fits all e3D hotends
  • Print Resolution down to 50 microns

Development History

Phase 1 Revision 1

Timeframe: (June, 2016 - October, 2017)

Version 1
Version 1

Base Features:

  • 200x200x200 Build Volume
  • Heated Bed
  • E3D compatible extruder
  • LCD screen


  • Lack of frame led to heavy Z-wobble
  • Z-endstop mount was not secure enough for repetitive use
  • Power Supply not attached
  • X-axis misalignment
  • Difficult assembly due to threaded rod deisgn
  • No print fan
  • Electronics loosely housed in center under heated bed
  • No heated bed insulation
  • Brass X-axis T8 nut wore down over time leading to backlash and debris
  • Left Z-motor sometimes fails to move
  • Power Supply exposed

Revision 2

Timeframe: (November, 2017 - March, 2018)

Version 2.

Version Goal: Increase Z-axis stability, safety, and ease of use


  • New Frame design adds ease of assembly and stability
  • Z-top mount reduces Z-wobble
  • Bed auto-tramming support for inductive probe
  • Electronics moved to back of frame for easier access and airflow
  • Print to cool prints
  • Anti-backlash X-axis T8 nut
  • Power Supply Cover with switch
  • LCD attached at top


  • X-axis misalignment
  • Slim width causes overall instability
  • Axial fan fails to provide adequate airflow
  • Power Supply not mounted
  • Hand-cut frame, no clear dimensions
  • LCD loosely attached
  • Homing errors

Revision 3

Timeframe: (April, 2018 - June, 2018)

Version 3.

Version Goal: Increase overall stability, reproducibility, and add "premium" features


  • Magnetic Removable Spring Steel Sheet
  • Sturdy and Stable 2-panel Frame
  • Fully Laser Cut frame + bed
  • Stablizing legs
  • X-axis alignment adjustment screws
  • Printed Bed thumbscrews
  • Spool Holder
  • LCD securely attached
  • Ramps enclosed in center under bed
  • Active Ramps Cooling
  • Cork Bed Insulation
  • Power Supply mounted to back increasing stability and portability


  • Full print volume inhibited by stabalizer legs and new frame
  • Spool holder design is flimsy
  • Bed thumbscrews hit frame
  • Wire pass-thrus too small
  • LCD screws do not fit
  • No space for excess wires
  • Hand-made spring steel sheet
  • Bed endstop hole too far back, endstop cannot bed triggered by screw alone
  • Different sized magnets used causing inductive leveling errors
  • Homing errors, hitting bed screws
  • Difficult to access electronics

Unnamed (rev. 4)

Timeframe: (July, 2018 - Present)

Version Goal: Increase ease of assembly, make a finished product ready for release


  • Full 200x200x200mm achieved by altering frame
  • Sturdy Spool Holder using PVC pipe
  • Cable management improved
  • Radial print cooling fan
  • Easy use filament guider
  • LCD mounting screws fixed
  • Compatibility for delrin T8 nut, reduce noise and wear
  • Easy use electronics cover
  • Filament Sensor
  • Plasma Cut Spring Steel Sheet

Testing Notes: