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Release status: working

Frame zy cross.jpg
Mendel variation made in China
CAD Models
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YesRap P2F is a completely redesigned 3D printer, based on concepts from Prusa i3, MendelMax, Ultimaker, Open Rail, etc. Thank all of them!


P2F is a 3D printer designed by YesRap in China. The main frame is constructed using laser cut plywood. The linear bearing system, based on Open Rail and MakerSlide, is also completely redesigned using laser cut steel plates, bent and mounted on plywood frame. The expected initial public release is March 15, 2013.

Main Improvements

  1. Mostly preassembled -------- Easy and fast assembly, about 5 hours for inexperienced user from opening of package to printing.
  2. Plywood reinforced by aluminum profile -------- strong, light weight and easy assembly.
  3. Mostly maintenance free ------- no need for lubricant.
  4. Replaceable extruder nozzle ------- less headache for clogged nozzle plus also easily switchable nozzle sizes.
  5. Light weight -------- 6.5kg, lower shipping cost.
  6. High speed ----------- travel = 300mm/s print = 200mm/s.
  7. Redesigned open rail ------- all benefits from open rail design, plus ???
  8. Low noise ------------  ??db

Parts List

Electrical Parts

Quantity Part Picture
1 Sanguinololu 1.3A with ATmega1284P + USB or Bluetooth
1 Standard SD Card Slot
1 A4988 Stepper Motor Driver
1 DC Power Supply 350W 12V 29A
1 Heated Bed with LED and Temperature Sensor

Mechanical Parts

Plywood Parts List

Quantity Part Picture
1 FrameY
Frame Y.jpg
1 FrameZ File:Frame Z |
2 Frame_Back side File:Frame side |
2 Frame_Bottom side File:Frame bottom |
1 Frame_Top File:Frame top |

Steel Parts List

Quantity Part Picture
1 FrameX

Aluminum Parts List

Quantity Part Picture
1 Motor Y Mount
6 YesRail(R)

Additional Parts List =

Quantity Part Picture
1 Extruder
1 Hot End
1 Borosilicate Glass
1 BudaschNozzle V1.1

Assembly Procedure

Frame setup Z-motor z rods z_belt extruder Bowden bed electronics wires

Main Frame

Order todo Picture
1 cross frame_Z and frame_Y Frame zy cross.jpg |
2 insert two back side File:Add back side.jpg|

Bottom Frame

Order todo Picture
1 Mount Y motor
2 Mount Y-home sensor
3 Mount Y-home sensor
4 Mount AC power socket to left bottom
5 join two bottom peaces and Y-motor
6 join two bottom frame to main frame

Mount YesRail

use m3*25 screw,

Order todo Picture
1 Mount YesRaail on Y
2 Mount YesRail on Z


[1] YesRap's home page.

[2] YesRap's taobao (equivalent to eBay) page.

[3] A video showing the printer printing using ABS.

[4] Photo gallery.