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Someone seems to have added this page before I got a chance to and there seems to be a monty pythons reference here. I am going to leave that as someone obviously thinks it is relevant.

I have had in my mind an idea for a licence for many years, but unfortunately I have not put the ideas into literary reality due to a number of reasons, namely:

  • Work involved (actually writing a licence could take over a weeks work).
  • Errors, I always make errors and getting an idea from ones mind into textual form that is logical, useful and unambiguous takes many revisions and the work and input of other human beings.
  • Self doubt, is there any point in creating a licence and are my ideas of any real importance?

Anyways, I am not a lawyer but I thought maybe I would start, as even thought I may never finish at least someone may be able to tell if this is worthwhile and comment improve or use these jottings as a basis for something better?

Now I will try and add the headings under which I hope to elaborate in future.

Philosophy: An outline of thoughts observations and possibly even conclusions about the world and how it works or should work and then a brief list of things that this license hopes to improve or change in the world.

Terms: Licence terms, a list of clauses defining what a user of the entity covered by the licence can and cannot do with the entity, and also a list of clauses that define what any user of the entity must do in exchange for usage of the licenced entity.

Examples: A number of worked examples showing facts and figures involving the use of entitys distributed under the licence.

Now maybe I will begin............


First I should maybe say where I am coming from?

I am not a socialist, capitalist, bla bla, etc...

I believe the world should be fairer and people should get some reward for work and talent, so this licence attempts to enable people to distribute work and gain some reward from it, and possibly to give a method for automated registration of licences and calculation and return of licence payments.

I hope to create a licence that can force companies or businesses to be fairer to all involved and also to encourage efficiency and improvement for everyone (usage clauses such as: no employee or contractor can earn more than 10 times the wage of the lowest paid employee of a company that uses the licenced entity).

I would like to see a world where everyone can put their ideas into the public domain and receive a reward if they are of use to the world.

Of course all this is totally impossible, trying to combine human nature, economics, law, tax, and industry, and create something that is fair, efficient, and simple wtf???? I thought I would give it a try and see what happens.

I may give much more in depth details and some generalisations and observations of this terrible world in future but don't have the time at the moment.....


Licence or License are used as I am not sure anyone spells it correctly??

The licence is a technical document that is distributed with documentation and definition of the original creation or entity.

The licence allows free use of the work provided no profit is made from it.

The licence requires that a proportion of any profits that are made from the use of the licensed item be given to the creator of the licensed item.

The licence is only valid for the lifetime of the original licensor(creator of the licensed entity) or a duration from creation of 2/3rds of the worldwide average human life expectancy, which ever is the longer.

Possibility of a license duration extension if a large investment is made and not returned within the duration of the licence.

The licence should define when profits have been paid and further combinations of multiple combined sub entities return or do not return licence payment (for example someone could sell a copy of the documentation and make a profit even though nothing was done other than distributing the information, in this case the buyer would still have to make payment to the original licensor).

The very tricky part comes below, that is the calculation of what proportion of profits must be returned to the licensor or where multiple licensors entities are combined into another entity which makes profits how proportional returns can be calculated.

A huge number of corner cases are probably necessary to avoid loop holes where a business may try and attribute profits outside sales of items that contain licensed entities.

I don't have time for this at present although I have some fairly concrete ideas, developing them and writing them will take too long for now.


none yet....


Artist's Statement

The Mung License is an as yet undefined license that Mung is using for the Mungstruder.

Developers are advised to consult the informative video above and then contact Mung and request further details
regarding the Mung License.
--Sebastien Bailard 02:56, 18 April 2011 (UTC)