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µDelta / Micro Delta

Release status: working

CAD Models
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The main goal/idea of the µDelta is to "make it easy and fun". So the µDelta has different improvement compare to other printers:

  • Intuitive and simplest assembly, using the minimum amount of screws and nuts on every pieces. And once again, it's a delta style printer, you just have to repeat 2 other times the assembly of one axis.
  • Simple electronic, we choose the Teensylu because it's simple and efficient, the µDelta is not suitable for 2 hotends so we have all we need on this board. We prefer to avoid any on-board stepper driver solution because of democratization of 3D printer(so no technical people can easily repair using spare parts)
  • Dedicated plugin on Repetier-Host with fully software calibration.


  • Size: 250x250x440mm
  • Safe print area: Ø110 x 190 mm
  • Max print area: Ø120 x 190 mm
  • 1.75mm filament (no heat bed so PLA until now)
  • Standard Jhead mount
  • Dimensioned Glass fiber rod end linkage (fit to the firmware)
  • NEMA 17 motors
  • Electronic: Teensylu + 4 Stepsticks
  • Structural materials: Acrylic, Wood, ABS, Aluminium
  • Safe nominal print speed 70mm/s
  • Safe nominal travel speed 140mm/s
  • Max speed around 200mm/s

Print and cut parts

You can find all files on the gitHub.

Build a µDelta

All the manual is in pdf, so before we publish it directly in the wiki format, please check the manual in this following address: µDelta_documentation


We published a Repetier-Host µDelta specialized plugin in order to enhance the calibration process. You can download the plugin (still in French but really easy to understand once you tried it): Software

Help and support

You can contact us with the following websites : eMotion Tech or Reprap-France.com using contact form.


Hugo Flye, Thomas Batigne, Guilhem Peres, Antony Soury, Loïc Déchaseaux