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A placeholder for MendelFlex 3D Printer

This page is currently a work in progress

In the meantime here is a link to a zip file containing all the stl files for both 8mm and 10mm rod flavours [1]

And here is a link to the Bill of Materials spreadsheet [2]

The MendelFlex 3D Printer is a full rework of the well known MendelMax 1.5.

Anyone with a Mendelax 1.5 can apply some or all of the upgrades this release contains without spending any money.

The MendelFlex was developed as a platform upon which the Flex3Drive could be developed. The prime objective was to refine the design to eek out the maximum level of speed and accuracy that the original chassis could offer.

Whilst designed for the MendelFlex Extruder system, any extruder can be fitted to the machine.

A well built MendelFlex can achieve and sustain 400mms with 3k accelerations on a basic Ramps/Arduino setup when coupled with a Flex3Drive light weight extruder and upgraded Y axis.