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Mendel LED Print Light

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Documentation of the Mendel LED Print Light
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The Mendel LED Print Light is an idea that a lot of people have had. We like to see the object being printed and to be able to do this you need sufficient lighting. This hardware addition is designed to fill this need - LET THERE BE LIGHT!


There are two obvious ways to do this:

  1. A simple bar of high powered LED's or a cold cathode light attached to the frame.
  2. A number of LED's around the extruder head.

Option 1 is quick and easy to install but has the disadvantage that one must either install several light sources in different locations or live with the fact that there will be shadows from the extruder head. Option 2 is much more work to install but guarantees that the section of the object currently being printed is always well lit.


Should always be on when the machine has power so simply use the +12v DC line.


I decided to go for Option 1 and so I purchased an LED bar of high power white LED's and simply mounted on the back of the Mendel circuit board mounting plate.

LED bar/CC light

Extruder LEDS