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Klinge Hotend

Release status: working


Hotend for RepRap developed including ideas from several previuos designs and some ideas from me.
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This page will show information referred to a hotend for reprap 3D printers. The hotend has been developed in Argentina by Santafesino.

Introduction This is an all metal hotend and was designed to be not only functional but also easy to fabricate and assemble. As almost any all metal hotend in the world it uses active cooling. It's intended to be mounted in any extruder body that can hold a J-Head, using the same M3 bolts.

Advantages: It's extremely short, especially for an all metal hotend, so it allows the printer to print higher parts. It uses an air duct so the air flow needed to it's own cooling doesn't affect the heated bed or the part being printed.

Disadvantages: I consider using active cooling a disadvantage, comparing to other hotend that doesn't need this.

Parts list and assembly process

Klinge v 1

The hotend counts with six parts. Two of them are printed parts and the other four are metal parts -one stainless steel, one brass and two aluminiun-.

Klinge Hotend Partes.jpg Klinge Hotend Armado 1.jpg

Klinge Hotend Armado 3.jpg Klinge Hotend Completo.jpg

Klinge v 1.2

This version introduces a few changes in order to decrease extrusion force. The block and nozzle has been modified so the melt zone is 2 mm shorter than v 1. -making the hole hotend 2 mm shorter, increasing the z-range of the printer-.

Partes v1.2.JPG Armado v1.2 (1).JPG Armado v1.2 (2).JPG Armado v1.2 (3).JPG

Armado v1.2 (4).JPG Armado v1.2 (5).JPG Completo v1.2 (3).JPG