In the Beginning Was Open Source: Hacking the Ownership Meme for Bootstrapping Unto Planetary Yumminess

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Rationale: Rep/Rap Rap about The role of Open Source and Textual Sharing in the Rep/Rap-O-sphere Bttom up organization; Distruptive Technologies Closing a loop, and beginning another: Begin with laughter and the unknown people who are helping and joining

Reason for intellectual property: the incentive to creative Ownership as obstacle to creation: The case of Biotech Sharing as a comparative advantage for science and technology: Collective Intelligence and Linux

Where does science and engineering come from? It does not sprout under all conditions

Royal Society

Giambattista della Porta

Werner Von Braun and the Berlin Rocketry Club

Home Brew Computer Club


The story of GNU The desire to tinker and the transcendental nature of consciousness

History of the Noosphere

Replicating Rep/Rap: A question of Scale & Autogeny

Technosocial evolution: Becoming a ReP/Rap Ribosome

Why I am a Nanotopian