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Idea Lab One

Idea Lab one is printer that was developed between July 2012 up to July 2013.


  • Printingg area 200mm x150mm x150mm WDH
  • Print PLA and ABS (1.75mm)
  • Heated table
  • The head assembly compatible with jhead
  • Electronics hidden inside the printer.
  • Direct Drive Extruder.
  • External dimensions 410mm x 300m x 356mm

There was couple of prints made already with succes.

The printer was in the assumption that the elements must be able to be printed and the rest of you can get in a small town or on the internet.

Frame Printer is designed with 3mm Dibond material. It can be ordered in most of the companies that make advertising signs.

Printer table moves in the Z axis and is heated

Below are the links to the assembly instructions in PDF format, STL and DXF files from the boards to be cut on the CNC milling machine

Image Part (STL) Prints Print Time Comments
Y motor bracketILO.jpg File:Uchwyt sil y.stl 1x 35 min Y Motor Bracket
X-end-ILO.jpg File:X-end.stl 1x 1h 40 min X End
X-end-motor-ILO.jpg File:X-end-motor.stl 1x 1h 30 min X End Motor