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iTopie Documentation

Get the sources

The first thing you need is a local copy of the source files (OpenSCAD, DXF, STL, etc...).

The simple way to get it is to download/clone the git repository at

git clone



Make the default frame

If you do not want a customized version, you can simply use the generated DXF files in the ./build/output directory for milling/cutting your frame.

CNC milling version


Laser cut version (experimental)


Make an custom frame


If you want a custom frame, you need OpenSCAD to edit and parse/compile the scad source files.

After installing OpenSCAD, open it and select "Design->Automatic Reload and Compile" and "View->Hide editor".

Now you can open the ./scad/main.scad file for an live preview of all change made in the configuration file.

And then open the ./scad/config.scad in your favorite text/code editor to made change.

(Whenever the file is saved to disk (from within the external editor), OpenSCAD will recognize the file change and automatically recompiles accordingly.)

DXF files builder

The recomended way is to use the python script in the ./build directory. It will generate for you a single cleaned DXF file with layers, depending on your scad configuration file.


usage: [-h] [--target int] [--output_type int] [--output_dir path]
                [--output_file filename] [--output_clean] [--tmp_dir path]
                [--tmp_clean] [--odmt path] [--scad path] [--openscad path]
                [--clean] [--version]


optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --target int
                        output version (default : 0)
                        0 : CNC milling (default)
                        1 : Laser cutting
  --output_type int, -t int
                        output type (default : 0)
                        0 : all (plate 1 and plate 2 in one file)
                        1 : plate 1 (horizontal_plate, y_carriage, feet)
                        2 : plate 2 (vertical_plate, triangles, feet)
  --output_dir path, -d path
                        path to the output directory (default : ./output)
  --output_file filename, -f filename
                        output filename without extension (default : auto)
  --output_clean        remove all files in the output directory (default : false)
  --tmp_dir path        path to the temporary directory (default : ./tmp)
  --tmp_clean           remove all files in the temporary directory (default : true)
  --odmt path           path to the OpenSCAD DXF Merge Tool (default : ../odmt/
  --scad path           path to the main OpenSCAD file (default : ../scad/main.scad)
  --openscad path       path to the OpenSCAD binary (default : C:/Program Files/OpenSCAD/openscad.exe)
  --clean, -c           remove all files in temporary and output directories (default : false)
  --version, -v         show program's version number and exit


python -f iTopie_plates-CNC-16mm_thickness

Produces iTopie_plates-CNC-16mm_thickness.dxf in the defaut ./build/output directory.

ITopie plates-CNC-16mm thickness.dxf-CamBam.png

Build manual

Frame assembly

At this point your frame is finished and functional. The following statement is optional but highly recommended.

Frame puttying, sanding, painting and lacquering

X Axis (1/2)

Y Axis

Z Axis

X axis (2/2)

Endstops and motors wiring

X axis

Y axis

Z axis