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IC-Prog Hints

What is IC-Prog

IC-Prog is a well known no-cost Windows program used to program serial-programmable ICs, including the PIC used in RepRap. See http://www.ic-prog.com

Obtaining IC-Prog

You can download the three necessary files from http://www.ic-prog.com as follows:

Installing IC-Prog

Unzip all three files in the same directory, such as C:\Program Files\IC-Prog\ .

Configuring IC-Prog for use with a JDM-style PIC Programmer

See http://www.ic-prog.com/jdmset.html for the settings for the JDM. Also (thanks to bartlee45 on the RepRap forums) you need to go to Settings->Options then select Misc tab and check the Checkbox Enable NT/2000/XP Driver . Like this: ---

ICProgHints-ic-prog setup.jpg


If you have further information about using IC-Prog, please edit this page and include it! Thanks.

-- Main.JonathanMarsden - 24 May 2007