Huxley mini-spool

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Huxley mini-spool

Release status: working

Huxley micro spool.jpg
an horizontal mini spool for the huxley
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It's an horizontal mini-spool, to store a small amount of filament right under your Huxley.

I wanted to put the spool under the Huxley to go further in my "carry-plug'n print" need of a portable reprap for short demo in street, conference, etc.

It appear smaller that I thought (thus the "mini spool"), but it works and can load 50-60m of 1,75mm filament.

Instructions (v4)

As on the picture, its a square of M8 threaded rods (directly screwed in the printed parts) which the Huxley is put on (I used some leftover from a Mendel build, previously used in another spool, approx. 2* ~240cm and 2* ~150cm)


Set the distance with the spindle



Now that you have a splendid mini-spool built, just put the Huxley on it :)

(you can secure the huxley on the feet with m3 bolt or zip-tie)

Optional filament guide

In case you added a heatsink on the extruder's motor, it can help <flickr>6283957061|left</flickr>



Proof of working :p <videoflash>lba47V41dsg</videoflash>