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"The Handgun Test" is a Policy proposal regarding what is considered acceptable content on official RepRap websites.

Working Notes

No Handguns! - Library Policy Proposal

The Handgun Test: "Is this a Handgun? No? Ok, you can upload it."

While RepRap is very happy to support just about anything Interesting that people can make with a RepRap, CNC Mill, drill press, or knitting needles, files and projects to build weapons are not allowed in the Library.

This is because we're not interested in bringing about a world where highschool students can RepRap handguns.

Please note that this is not formal policy yet, as the Library Staff and Volunteers haven't signed off on it. Also, we need to clean up the language. And start getting project into there.

As expressed elsewhere in this wiki, you are entirely free to keep Interesting projects here at RepRap. This because RepRaps are here to make fun or useful things in general, not just piles and piles of other RepRaps. --Sebastien Bailard 04:31, 26 February 2010 (UTC)