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Example Development

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Description documenting a generic tool/artpiece
License GPL
Author tesla893
Based-on ReplicatorG, RepRap Host, RepRap Utilities by Ralith
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The Granite Host project is designed to be a gradual transition away from G Code based communications. The first initial step is to take as much processing and conversions away from the Arduino board as possible. This reduces the code size and the amount of processing the Arduino needs to do, as well as enabling on the fly changes in scaling, etc. Stage two is being developed to the extent required to fulfill the goals established in Stage one. Stage two is to make the communications protocol less dense. Stage three is to introduce new and faster mediums of communication.


Granite Host uses Granite_Protocol_A

G Codes of various types will be supported as input for conversion.

Project Release Log

2010.11.20 - Released the version .01 draft of the GPA

Project Target Releases

2010.11 - Complete and release all proof of concept software(Parser, firmware) for GPA and documentation.

2010.12 - Unify the separate tools into a program with a serial sender. Try and figure out pseudo acceleration support for GPA.

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Supporting Documentation

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