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Release status: working

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easy closed chamber printer
CAD Models
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4th generation of my printer line and probably first one mature enough to fully publish.

AND IT IS DONE: check relased files and instructions on thingi. RepRap.org update will follow, waiting for feedback.

Fresh files on Thingiverse

The basic idea is to enclose the print in a solid, rigid box. And just put everything you can outside. You can then add a second shell for aesthetics... or not :)


all except the warrior printed on the machine


Aluminum composite shell body - did you notice how a simple cardboard box is rigid while assembled - same principal

closed chamber - after installing front shield

15x15x15cm working volume

25x35cm footprint - plus Z contraption

yegahD extruder - [1]

single head or multiple with bowden

nema23 for Y and n17 for other axes by default

12mm glides - uniform, stainless, aluminum or just some cold forged pipe.

slide linear bearings

bended aluminum single piece Xcart

only ca. 200g of printed parts

enclosed PSU and electronics - single ATX and Sunbeam/Teensylu in this case

plywood and molded versions to come

parametric openSCAD design

ultra easy to correctly assemble and cheap to build

after installing front shield only small openings remain. with no extra insulation and no extra heating except the bed it gets to almost 50 degrees Celsius inside (about 30 outside)

next one will be large volume and "bed on the Z" type, but I wanted to make ultra cheap and easy to assemble one first, with minimum impact on quality.