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Reviews for: KBell Enterprises (Template)
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(Answer Template)
Date Material(s) Shape/Delivered Thickness (mm) Measured thickness (mm) Quantity Delivered amount Costs (kg) Costs (Meter) Destination & shipping costs Rating 0-10 Additional notes & Signed by
4/27/2014 ABS round 1.75mm 1.6-1.95 1kg ???kg $24/kg - Free 3/10 At $24/kg shipped, this is a low cost filament. I had nothing but issues with the entire roll. It came vacuumed sealed with a desiccant inside the hole of the spool and it will pop (snap) and smoke (I tried temps from a jamming 190c to 230c and still a horrible smell like burning a Bic Ballpoint pen with a lot of coughing). The size has been very erratic and as a result my prints will go from blobs to fine to not enough material in one print (depends on the size of the object). Due to the smoke, pops, and coughing I have to say to stay away from this or suffer health issues.

-Dark Alchemist.

4/30/2013 PLA Slight Oval 3mm 2.76mm x 2.98mm 1kg ???kg $28/kg - Free 8/10 At $28/kg shipped, this is a low cost filament. The only major issue is the slight oval shape, but it hasn't provided me with any trouble yet. Also, the supplier confirmed that the slight oval shape is a result of the winding process (for cost) and their focus was on the quality and density of the material itself. Overall, very friendly, knowledgeable, and so far I'm getting good prints.


April 2013 ABS round 1.75mm 1.65mm 1kg 1180g including spool $28/kg - included 6/10 Drastically, consistently undersized. Comes on a small-radius spool, which makes it a bit tricky to use (which I knew ahead of time, but tried out because of low price). Doesn't include tolerances on diameter, but it's the same spool as Octave uses and they specify +/- 0.10mm. I managed to get a couple of layers down, but it's tricky because my extruder bottoms out. I'll update once I get a full print.


July 2013 ABS round 3mm 2.7mm 1kg 1100g including spool $28/kg - free 2/10 As noted above, not even close to the right diameter. Could not even get the thing to load correctly. Spool was warped beyond recognition. Seller did not care whatsoever. Avoid--too many good sellers to bother with this one.


October 2013 PLA round 3mm 2.9mm 1kg 1100g including spool $28/kg - free 5/10 The filament was fine for me, but the spool was too tight. Near the end, the curve was too much and the filament kept breaking