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Open source hot end
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The Farynozzle was born from several requests from hispanic community (RepRap and Clone Wars) of getting a hot end offering quality, dirability and cheapness.

One of the premises of the project was to get all the materials from local suppliers, and to set all the documentation free, to allow anyone to make his own Farynozzle.

First FaryNozzle manufacturing was group-made by the contributions of members of the Spanish community.

Technical development

Several designs and products were evaluated, and the conclusion was to base the Farynozzle on Budaschnozzle 1.2 by Lulzbot.

During several weeks of work, the new hotend was designed, and some concepts and ideas which we tought were necessary, were added to improve its design and improvement. After this, 2 prototypes were made, to test its real-work operation.

After lots of hours of testing, most common problems were located and solved. The main one was the overheating going towards the cold end. To avoid this, an aluminium heatsink was designed. It improved substantially the cooling.

Once we did this, the first Farynozzle1.0 was born.

Technical description


External dimensions of the FaryNozzle are: 71x42x60 mm / 2,79x1,65x2,36 in. (length x width x height)


Farynozzle2.0 vertical.jpg

The FaryNozzle is made of 29 parts, counting machined parts, electrical elements and standardized ones. All parts are first brands and high quality.

  • Resistor block, threaded extension, heatsink and nozzle, made in aluminium AL-2030
  • Insulating bushing made of PEEK GF30 (High performance polymer)
  • Exchangeable guide tube of PTFE for Ø 3 or Ø 1,75 filament
  • Lower steel holder (lasercut AISI-304 inox)
  • Intermediate plates and upper plate in lasercut high density wood MDF (720Kg/m3)
  • Heating resistor (6,8 Ohm): Vishay RWM06226R80JA15E1 (datasheet)
  • Thermistor (~100k resistance, ±5% error, -60ºC to 300ºC): Honeywell 135-104LAF-J01 (more info, datasheet)

Usage temperatures

Usage temperatures depend on the printing material, being 185ºC for PLA and 235ºC for ABS. Those temperatures are for guidance, because are depending on the quality, additives and color of which plastic you are using, variyng from one provider to another.

Maximun usage temperature is about 260ºC, from which there is a high risk of permanently damaging yor hot end. It's recommended, but not compulsory, to use a fan at high temperatures.

Compatible printer models

The FaryNozzle is compatible with most RepRap printer models. It has been widely tested with:

2.0 version improvements

With experience and feedback of the community, some improvement were added:

  • Alteration on the PEEK bushing thread and threaded extension for easier assembly and disassembly.
  • Flat milling on the PEEK bushing for easier grip while assembling and disassembling.
  • Flat milling on the threaded extension for easier assembly and disassembly.
  • Lightened heatsink core for greater heat exchange.
  • Upper support made of MDF to improve durability.
  • Added a tab to the lower steel holder, to optionally couple a 25mm fan.
  • Silicon wires, to improve durability.
  • Harder and more compact clamp system.


The FaryNozzle mounting is quite easy. Once the X carriage of the printer is mounted and ready to work, put the hot-end in the hole. Make the screw holes match with the upper plate ones, put the screws thorough both holes and firmly tighten the nuts. It's recommended to use grower washers to prevent screws from loosen because of the vibrations.

Before tightening the nuts, it's recommended to put a piece of filament through the set, to align everything, ensuring that the filament comes from the upper plate to the nozzle when you start extruding.

Most of the extruder bodys has a lower hole to house the upper part of some hot ends. It's recommended to cover that hole with this part for a more reliable filament guide.

How to get one

Farynozzles are produced in Zaragoza (Spain) in small amounts. Buy it in Farynozzle.com

Mounting video

<videoflash type="youtube">FETrPHYketo</videoflash>