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Everything that follows this point is fair game to get a complete wiki write up by the library gnomes:

"FUNdaMENTALS" of Design MIT prof Alex Slocum

Highly recommended reading for mechanical designers.

Working Notes, Please Log in and Edit. Thank you.

That's all theory down there.

Site Requirements

Site requirements are minimal. A computer lab is quite suitable.

Fabrication Requirements

Setting aside the various types of RepStraps, a RepRap will require soldering of electrical components and cutting up of lengths of 8 MM steel rod. (Along with printing the parts of the RepRap.)

Assembly can take place in a class room.

Pedagogical Goals

RepRap is a highly interdisciplinary project that offers educational opportunities in many disciplines including Computer Science and Engineering. One can learn by using a RepRap, building a RepRap, and by contributing to the RepRap project.

By using a RepRap, students will:
- Understand the theory and operation of cartesian robots
- Understand the theory and operation of plastic extruders
- Understand the theory and operation of 3D design software
- Gain insight into several fields of engineering
- Explore their creativity

By building a RepRap, students will:
- Understand the theory and construction of simple mechanics
- Understand the theory and construction of simple computer chips
- Acquire problem solving skills for a wide variety of situations

By contributing to the RepRap project, students will:

  • Gain field experience in any of several fields of engineering
  • Gain insight into alternative economic models
  • Earn respect from a welcoming community of peers
  • Acquire skill in interacting socially with other researchers and engineers

Integration with other Programs

Information about science clubs, robot clubs, and computer clubs building RepRaps.

Also, how will RepRap integrate with technology-based learning programs like FIRST Robotics Competition and so on.


If a high-school student or college student or a teacher wants more information before getting started, or gets stuck on some difficult-to-debug problem, how do I hook up with an experienced reprapper to share the knowledge?

Currently it is extremely informal -- see Community portal. Is there a better system for matching mentors up with students and teachers?

getting all the parts

What is the next step towards developing a curriculum? How do we request a grant of public funding to develop a curriculum or buy parts or both? What are polite ways of asking people who already have a RepRap to donate printed parts to these students?

Forum Thread

Unorganized discussion of this topic is going on here:
This information should be gradually incorporated into the wiki as ideas solidify.

The OIT RepRap Project mentions that a RepRap can be "Used to Learn Multi-Disciplinary Engineering Skills".