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Note that this is software under development; there are no official releases yet.

Source code is available from the Subversion repository. Alternatively you can download a nightly tarball (4MB) with all the software in from here. The source code for the current version of the software can viewed along with API Documentation or can be browsed raw.

A Windows binary version is also available from SourceForge.

Windows Version

This version is only periodically updated. Always use the source for the latest working copy.

A link to download this is available at the bottom of this page.


To install and run this you first need:

Running it

  • Unzip the file to a folder somewhere
  • Double click reprap.bat to launch the application. Alternatively, double click reprap-directx.bat to launch the application with DirectX support.
  • Set your serial port via the File / Preferences menu option.