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Darwin Rapid Prototyped Part Equivalents

Here is a listing of various printed parts used in the creation of a RepRap machine, and equivalents that you can either find, buy, or construct yourself. We really want you to be able to do this, so please let us know if you have a trick that works.

X Axis

Y Axis

Z Axis

Studding Idler Assembly

Z Pulley Rim

Drill these out of any flat, sturdy plastic 3mm or more think, using a hole saw 55-60mm in diameter. Drill out the central hole to 8mm or to fit your studding, and round off the edges of the disc with a file so that the belt does not catch on it.

Bed Assembly

Bed Clamp Bracket

Instead of using this printed part, you can use washers and/or large-headed bolts to bolt the MDF directly to the Z axis.