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Darwin Concept Improvements

If you spot any things which are particularly awkward, have any ideas on a more efficient approach, or see any wasted opportunity please list your comments here. These notes will be a very useful resource to design of the second release.

Author Area Note
eD XY table Head position off centre of the X axis means more dead space
eD Z axis Lots of dead space here, due to motor position. However, potential use for dead space: build material reel space.
eD Bracket holes Dimension the utility holes (e.g. on carriage) to fit standard belt brackets
eD/Vik Bolts Replace M3's with standard M5's?
eD Motor couplings Standardise? Y coupling most efficient
Zach/eD Bolts Magic (single) bolt length would be cool
Vik Extruder board mount It fouls V1.2 board edge connectors
Vik Opto bracket A bit more of a gap for the opto's legs wouldn't hurt
Vik Y Belt Drive Move the Y belt gear furthest from the Y motor to the other side of the Y axis bearing. This probably means mounting the Y belt clamps on the X axis square jig, but avoids filing that long flat - the gear now just slips on the end.
Vik Z Motor Move the Z motor to the diametrically opposite corner and take it outside the build area. We gain another 60mm of build height.
Vik Z Belt Use beaded belt instead of toothed belt - the sort of stuff used for window blinds and securing vicious attack biros in the bank's foyer. http://www.raymortool.com/Gen_Info.html
Andy Kirby XYBase Do away with base diagonal ties and use a base board, Perfect Square & Alignment every time. Also allows Circuit boards etc to be mounted to it. Provide a template similar to that provided for Bed details
Andy Kirby Z Studs Make Skate bearing mounts for Z Axis Studs (Top and Bottom) all 4 corners to remove wobble, Move Z Stud Drive to Base Board and mount on slides with tensioning adjustment. This should also free up a bunch more build height.

-- Main.EdSells - 05 May 2007