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Release status: Working

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CAD Models
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Bukobot (or just Buko) is the 3D printer designed by Deezmaker. The intent of this DIY 3D printer is to create a new generation of Repraps based on this framework. Here are some highlights:

Instructions & Details

Bukobot Wiki (Bukobot.com)

The "Bukobot" low cost Open Source 3D Printer with a roll of Blue ABS filament
  • Aluminium frame
  • Very easily expandable in any direction
  • Designed to handle Dual (or even more in theory) extruders with very little effort
  • Very minimal calibration or adjustments of frame
  • No laser cut parts
  • No special machined parts (except for maybe an extruder hot end)
  • Much lower cost than most RepRaps without sacrificing rigidity
  • Can be used with nearly any combination of electronics
  • Takes advantage of new common materials like UHMW & Synchromesh Cables
  • Designed to easily purpose (upgrade) an existing RepRap like the Prusa Mendel and Printrbot

Printed Parts (STL Files)


  • Printed Parts: ???
  • Non-Printed Parts: ???
  • Material Cost: ???
  • Cost: USD 850 - 1450 (fully assembled)
  • Printing Size: 5"x5"x 6" to 8"x8"x8" (12cm^3 to 20cm^3)
  • Precision: ??? (position), ??? (printing)
  • Speed: ??? (position), ??? (printing)