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This is a work in progress.

Design Goals

  • An attempt at making a 90% printed printer.


Check out my blog to see more up to date info about the BenBot and more of what I'm doing.


  • Printed Parts: every thing to gear driven so that i could model and print out most all of the parts. I'm trying super hard to make this easy make and put together.
  • Non-Printed Parts: bearings, motors, and hobbed bolt.
  • Printing Size: A heated bed is a really nice thing to have on a 3D printer, so it will be able to work with a mk1 or mk2 heated bed.
  • Material Cost: ???
  • Cost: ??? (assembled) I might sell a few but only to people who don't already have a 3D printer. Its going to have snap pieces, and a put guide like Legos on how to put it all together.
  • Precision: ??? (position), ??? (printing)
  • Speed: ??? (position), ??? (printing)