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Hey Guys

I am developing a 3D Printer that is:

1. Rock Solid and stable - so that it prints fine layers, fast and works round the clock.

2. Does not break down or very few break down - it's frustrating and such a waste of time and talent. So, I will be making machine with tried and tested systems, buying parts preferably from a manufacturer. Suppliers are invited to make their offers.

3. Must look beautiful - Because everyone loves beautiful machine sitting on their Desk...

4. Value for money, not cheap - Quality comes first!

So, here are the plans:

1. Agnee i3 - my brand

- It will be inspired by Prusa i3 MK2S and Graber i3 will be - made of acrylic - precise ready to fit laser cut parts can be easily made. That should make it strong and rigid.

- It's will be Body Box type structure with support for main frame, from Graber i3. Box structure makes is Strong and stable - hopefully no wobble, clear and nice print surfaces.

- Electronics can be enclosed at the bottom box and cooled by 40mm exhaust fans - safe, dust proof, work long hours even in mild summers.

- Direct Drive metal extruder MK8/MK9 - They have proven to be rugged, reliable and easy to use.

- Arduino Uno + RAMPS 1.4 - They are cheap, easily available everywhere and reliable.

Improvements required: - Drawings for Laser cut parts need heavy work. The interlocking slots are 6.9mm wide. For 6mm slots, the width should have been 6.2mm wide. The slots will now be 5.7 mm wide for a 5.5mm Acrylic sheet. It's easily available here locally.

- A balance will have to be reached where to use acrylic parts and where to use 3D Printed parts - rigidity is paramount.

- Proper BOM to be made.