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Araknia Prusa i3

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Araknia Prusa I3

Starting from the original open source project "Prusa", a reliable and trustable machine, one of the best open project available on the market, the team of Araknia designed a more innovative ,resistant and accurate machine, technically improved; with a supporting frame complete with reel and ballasted and equipped to handle facilitate the portability of the machine.

On this page you will find the sources to be used for the realization of your Araknia Prusa i3. our printer is a derivative of Prusa i3 which maintains the list of members of the firmware and pieces of plastics.

One major difference with the Prusa i3 is the block extruder completely redesigned and prepared for a 1.75 mm filament, based on Budaschnozzle, surrounded by a ventilation system based on three fans, one for the upper part of the extruder for a motor, and a variable speed for cooling the material of the object being printed. This system allows a higher print quality at higher speeds, and ensures reliability for long-lasting prints. The extruder using a brass gear derived from ship models sold in our store: [ Plain Coupling Insert 5mm] or at hobby shops.

Estrusore Araknia Prusa I3
Estrusore Araknia Prusa I3
Estrusore Araknia Prusa I3

Araknia Prusa i3 is definitely more compact, with inbuilt charger and coil, SD card and LCD display. It is easy to use everywhere and without the use of the computer. One of its main skills is that it is a much more stable machine and thank to the weight reduction of the moving masses, it allows to gain a higher speed compare to the original Prusa. Plastics are compatible with the once of original version of the Prusa i3 and adaptable to any kind of design.

The frame is completely different, even if similar, made of aluminum with a thickness of 3mm. The rigidity of the machine allows to achieve very high printing speed while not losing the quality at all. The open source philosophy continues in this new model. In addition to mount an Arduino board and take advantage of freeware print, production’s files of new structure will be made available under GPL license, so as to allow a wider spread to the project.


Drawing frame [ qui]

Pla Part and cover (also Printables PLA)[ qui]

Difference Parties to print different than the i3 Prusa (Print ABS) [ qui]

Extruder (Print ABS)[ qui]

Where to buy

The printer can be purchased assembled on site 

[ Araknia]