4ME3D Mini

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4Me3d Mini

Release status: Working

A 8"x8" Mini 3D printer with a 4"x4" build area.
CAD Models
External Link
www.4me3d.xyz [1]

4ME3D Mini

Introducing the 4ME3D Mini. The portable 8"x8"x10" dual extruder 3D Printer with Laser Engraver and CNC attachments.


The 4ME3D Mini is currently ready to be built by anyone wanting one. I am currently working on a build guide, but all the files to laser cut and print the parts required, as well as the BOM and a complete CAD model are available on the github repository.


Outer dimensions: Printed version

  • 200mm x 195mm x 240mm

Laser cut version

  • 204mm x 207mm x 243mm

Build Area:

  • 102.6mm x 102.6mm x 102.6mm (If using provided firmware current limits are 100mm x 100mm x 100mm)


  • It can be 0% or over 80% 3d printed, or a combination of both 3D Printed or Laser cut (Check other GitHub Branches)
  • It can print all of its own parts.
  • Designed to use the e3d chimera or cyclops hotend
  • External power supply
  • Internally mounted extruders bowden setup
  • Has optional CNC and Laser cutter/engraver attachments (Currently not released)