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The 3i2XZ+ is an
improved and enlarged Prusa i3.
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The 3i2XZ+ is an improved and enlarged tested successor of the original Prusa Mendel i3.

Either you want to make a huge reprap Cartesian 3d printer with 400x 200y 300z mm printing area from scratch or you want to upgrade your existing Prusa i3 (or its derivatives) to a dual head reprap machine with dual heated beds and more than doubled printing space, 3i2XZ+ is a well documented and tested machine suitable for your needs.

Assembly instructions

  1. Bill of materials
  2. Assembly manual


All improvements where done after identifying problems of various prusa i3 based machines during 2 years of creating and selling reprap 3d printers. Many Open Hardware projects were used in this version, Which are carefully selected among a huge number of tested open source 3d printer parts and upgrades available online.

  • 400 x 200 x 300 mm printing area.
  • An enlarged rigid 10mm acrylic frame (any other suitable material can be used).
  • All electronics are supported, preferably 12v 30A power supply, Ramps 1.4, and the full graphic smart controller LCD display.
  • Wiring is managed perfectly, all the paths and routes are pre-considered, you won't need to invent any solution for managing wires.
  • Uses two separate [standard PCB mk2 heatedbeds] .
  • Dual Geared bowden extruder using MK7 extruder gears, Provide precision and power at the same time.
  • PSU switching is completely shielded and secured, There is a PC style On/off switch and power inlet added.
  • There are two well mounted ON/OFF Switches, one for the LED lights under the extruder heads, and the other one for manually enabling the second heated bed, in order to save energy on smaller prints.
  • Sufficient cooling system on ramps 1.4 board including two dedicated cooling fans one for regulators and one for stepper drivers.
  • Adjustable dual E3d hotend mount.

How to get it?

I3-Berlin-Building-Kit-Web-Optimized.jpg 2-i3-Berlin-Perspective-Web-Optimized.jpg

What can you do with it.

Some prints from the 3i2XZ+:

I3-Berlin-Print-Dog.jpg I3-Berlin-Print-Frog.jpg I3-Berlin-Print-RC rims.jpg I3-Berlin-Print-Robo Hand.jpg

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