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Release status: working

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Simple straightforward 32-bit controller.
CAD Models
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3DPCB uses LPC1769 to drive all the electronics on the board, stepper-motor drivers, MOSFETs for heating and fans, and thermistor-inputs. Is has four stepper-drivers, 4 thermistor inputs, six limit inputs, SD-card holder, three power MOSFETs (of which two is driven through a MOSFET-driver) and an onboard DC/DC converter for 3.3V. The whole thing is put on a two-layer PCB, with the size 100x60 mm.

Lerche writes:

This board has been printing on both my printrbot and my Prusa I3 for several days. It works great! The only thing that's missing is the ethernet, but that wasn't of any use to me. As it was my first KiCAD board to be produced I did however fail with the vias, as they were not covered with solder-mask. This is fixed in rev. B of the board.

All of the components can be handsoldered, with exception of the A4982, which you will need a hotair soldering device or a hotplate.