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This section is non-critical for assembly, however occasionally people request Mendel's solid model files of the total mechanical assembly.

The model is available in the following formats:

Solid Edge

Please note this is not the same as Solid Works!

Available in Version 20, academic licence

All part files for the cartesian robot are available under 'cartesian-robot-m4' here. You will need to download the whole of 'cartesian-robot-m4', then search for the _SOLIDEDGE_README.txt for further instructions on opening the general assembly.


AOI is a free, open-source solid modelling package. Model files have only been made for the individual printed parts, which can be found here. These parts are editable in AOI. There is no general assembly in this format. Advice on using AOI for RepRap can be found here.


Model files have only been included for the individual printed parts. THese parts are not editable (not really anyway). There is no general assembly in this format.