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FoldaRapX 0.1

Release status: in progress

2019-03-18 FoldaRapX.jpg
another folding reprap
CAD Models
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Back to the concept of a foldable RepRap using a scissor-like mechanism for the Z axis.

The main advantage is that this time the folding mechanism is part of the movement, and don't require any preparation for the machine to function... it will unfold as much as the part to print is tall. And makes for an even more lazy foldable RepRap : open the case, plug, print.

Build notes

  • tensioning the z-belt should be done in the upward direction, in order to tension against gravity


Version 0.2

  • change the aluminium flight case (not cheap) for a regular wooden flight case (easier to use and customize)
  • move the linear rail 5mm closer to the pivot, in order for the end rail (printed part) to play its role of mechanical stop
  • if the aluminium plate were made with a CNC instead of a laser-cutter, we could include the tapping of the holes (would save lot of time)
  • 24v

Version 0.1

  • the complete upper plate weight enough at lowest Z height to move the z-motor (if motor off) : caution when using M84, or use a higher gearbox ratio (14:1 is good), or a worm drive.
  • creating a RepRap Firmware for the scissor Z axis, probably using a mathematic similar of a linear delta : solving a square triangle equation (will need help here)
  • add LED lights