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Mondrian Documentation
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Release status: working

Mondrian2 7.jpg
a compact/modular cartesian RepRap
CAD Models
External Link

Here is what I wanted to try among the possibilities to make a Foldable RepRap.

I didn't pursued the XY-head + telescopic Z because I couldn't get my head around how to do it properly at this moment.

But after having seen the Create it gave me some new ideas, for another concept after the FoldaRap, it then evolved toward this cartesian but modular architecture, the folding plane idea will have another name :)




  • Printed Parts: 30
  • Non-Printed Parts: +/-400 (counting every washer/bolt/etc)
  • Material Cost: 100€
  • Cost: 600€
  • Printing Size: 200 x 200 x 200 mm
  • Resolution : XY = 0.0125 mm ; Z = 0,00025 mm with m5 rods
  • Accuracy : 0.1 mm
  • Speed: 150 - 500 mm/s (print-travel, max speed tested yet)

Special features

  • Modular design, with standard components, easy to reuse/recycle
  • Based on standard 20x20mm aluminium extrusion (with 6mm slot)
  • The frame is the linear guide for X, Y, Z axis
  • Easy to build, with few tools
  • 1.75mm Direct Driven Bowden Extruders (dual-head)
  • small footprint : lenght of extrusion plus 40mm (240x240 for 200mm ; 340x340 for 300mm ; etc.)

To Do


Exemples of size scaling

The Mondrian can be easily scaled in Z but it's more difficult to do the same in XY, that why we also designed the RepRap Alto



Mondrian2 332 333 3310.jpg

From left to right (3310, 332, 333)


A huge Mondrian, using 70cm and 100cm profiles. This one needed two motors and two belt for the Z axis

External links, media/press, etc.

  1. Github mentioning an "awesome" project among others ^^

More inspiration


  • H-XY

<videoflash>Hc0ADpQ6FBg|320|240</videoflash> <videoflash>FP2ciUBT6nY|320|240</videoflash> <videoflash>uqW3t7c3u4M|320|240</videoflash> <videoflash>_EWfmcWAz-M|320|240</videoflash>

  • Direct sliding on the aluminium frame