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Fused Filament Fabrication

  • Darwin - Success!
  • Mendel - Success!
  • Eiffel - proposed. A Fused Filament Fabricated Eiffel would make its own RBS/Beam out of additively deposited thermoplastic.



RBS/Beam is self-replicating with food-type plastic wrap and epoxy granite or Cement.

Flatpack PourStrap

A PourStrap which makes its own FlatPack molds for daughter-PourStraps with a Laser Cutter head or Spindle Head is a Flatpack PourStrap



RBS/Grid can be fabricated by a Eiffel with a Spindle or a RepRap Laser Cutter or a cnc router.

Large Chunks of Steel

"Bridgeport Mill". Requires a "Bridgeport Mill", a large Lathe, and a Rigger.


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