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THIS page is an extremely rough draft. You can help us improve it. (Someday this page will document many of the known-working systems. A few known-working systems are already documented at RepRap Options).

Alternative Build Documentation Build Documentation


Do not let the size of this page discourage you, you have many electronic choices. At the end of the day you need these fundamental components

  • A Mainboard
  • Stepper Drivers
  • Endstops (Optional, see here)

How you get there is up to you. If you don't want to make these kinda of choices simply follow an "offical" build (Color choices below).

        • Add stuff about Extruder Controlers

BlueMendel "Official"
OrangeHuxley "Official"

Mainboard+Stepper Drivers+Opto Boards(All In One)

These all in one kits let you get up and running the fastest but tend to offer less flexibility in blah blah blah

PicNameAuthorLicenseBased onRepRap EtchableDesigned FirmwareStatusNotesPurchase Assembled~Component Cost
Gen 6CamielGPLATmega 644NoFiveD firmware with addons/changesExperimental - 130 EUR
R2C2bitBOX electronicsschematic availableARM 32bits @ 100MHzNoFiveD firmware with addons/changesReady for developers and beta testersincludes Heated Bed and fan controllers

Mainboard+Stepper Drivers

PicNameAuthorLicenseBased onRepRap EtchableFirmwareStatusNotesPurchase Assembled~Component Cost
Gen7 Layout.pngGen 7TraumflugGPL v2ATmega644 or ATmega644PYes Teacup, FiveD or any otherRelease 1.0Single Sided PCB, Uses pololuNo
Finished-pcbs.jpgPololuAdrianbowyerGPL v2Arduino MegaYesFiveDExperimentalNo
Rampsprepped.jpgRAMPSjohnnyrGPLArdrino MegaYesTonokip_Firmware, TeacupExperimentalThis is a shield designed to go over an Arduino Mega BoardUltimachine - $30-$200
Sanguinololu-0.1-top.jpgSanguinololuJoemGPL v2ATmega644PUntestedanyReleaseTiny, low-cost fab'd PCB, Uses pololuNo$30USD at Mouser


PicNameAuthorLicenseBased onRepRap EtchableBuilt-In OpticsFirmwareStatusNotes~Component Cost
Motherboard 1 2-motherboard-modified-small.jpg1.2 - Gen 3atmega644pNoNoFiveDReleased
RepRapOneDarwin-darwin.jpgSomething Ancientatmega644pNoNoProclarush Taonas 1.0Retired
Electronicshookedup.JPGTekzone Remix MainboardKymberlyaandrusatmega644pNo?Working

Stepper Drivers

PicNameAuthorLicenseBased onRepRap EtchableSoldering RequiredRating Per CoilStatusNotesPurchase Assembled~Component Cost
Cache-3314977742 1b6fce154e.jpgStepper Motor Driver 2.3GPL Allegro A3982?No?Surface Mount2AReleasedPCB Here
StepStick.Top.jpgStepStickGPL V2 Allegro A4983 & A4988?Reflow2ADevelopmentA drop in replacement for any Pololu A4983/A4988 driver. Four drivers on one board fit perfectly into Sanguinololu or break apart for other electronicsCheck eBay for Stepstick "Twigs"~$25 USD (for all 4 drivers)


Extruder Controller