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CoreXY mechanism - See film

The CoreXY arrangement and the very similar H-bot arrangements are popular mechanical arrangement for a RepRap motion stage.

The CoreXY and the H-bot are a Cartesian arrangements -- they makes it easy to move the head in straight lines along axis 90 degrees from the other axis.

There is a small change in the belt pattern from the H-bot arrangement to the CoreXY arrangement. Some people say that the CoreXY arrangement is unconditionally better than the H-bot arrangement. "A Core-XY Implementation: overcoming H-Bot design drawbacks and building a laser-paper-cutter". Other people say that the H-bot arrangement is better than the CoreXY arrangement. [1]

A CoreXY and a H-bot are a parallel manipulator system. In other words, the motors on a CoreXY system or H-bot system are stationary.

Parallel manipulator systems, such as CoreXY and h-bot and Dualwire-Gantry (DW-G), typically have much lower inertia than serial stackup arrangements. The lower inertia of a parallel manipulator system, when using the same motors and the same forces, typically gives more rapid acceleration than serial stackup arrangements. (For example, the Prusa i3, RepRapPro Mendel, etc. use a serial stackup -- in other words, some of their motors are pushed around by other motors).

The most common CoreXY printer is the low cost SmartCore

Machines in standard aluminium profiles

Name Last update Description Movement XY Movement Z Useful volume Size Speed (print/travel) Link
Vulcanus (different sizes) may 2015 Frame in aluminium profiles, with metal and printed parts bearings on rods 4 rods and two trapezoidal screws (2 motors) 200 x 200 X 260 (up to 520 x 520 x 1500) 440 x 440 x 600 300 (print? travel?)
VSlot-CoreXY february 2015 Modification and update of project AluXY by zelogik/jand while using Openbuild profiles. Good documentation. V-slot with wheels (said to be more silent) with 2 rods 12mm and trapezoidal screw 10mm thread 2 210x195x240 400x400x500 ? / ?
C-bot january 2015 Profiles Openbuilds and printed parts with V-slot with wheels, non crossing belts with V-slot, transmissions with 2 trapezoidal screws (2 motors) 250x250x? 500x400x400 ? / ?
RepRap-XY by "jand" january 2015 Machine like the AluXY by Zelogic, but with printed parts. Detailed BOM with complementary information ? / ?
AluXY by "Zelogik" march 2014 Aluminium frame with parts in aluminium rods 8mm with Igus bearings, crossed belts With two rods and trapezoidal screw 228x236x217 350x350x300 200 / 350,297740