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whiteAnt RepStrap

Release status: Experimental

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3D Printer / Mini CNC made out of plywood
CAD Models
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This whiteAnt is made out of plywood and only requires basic tools to make. A drill press and bandsaw are recommended. In addition to 3D printing, whiteAnt's height can be adjusted to add strength to the frame and a router mounted and allow it to be used as a small CNC machine. Instructions on how to build this RepStrap will be in the book Printing in Plastic. Once the book is complete, more information and the plans will hopefully be made available here. Kits will also be sold by Build Your CNC.

Bill of Materials

  • 2'x4' sheet of 3/4" Plywood. Cabinet grade or MDF/MDO. Make sure it's nice and flat.


Coming Soon. Follow the progress on User:Tbuser's flickr photostream.

Rough Cuts

WhiteAnt roughcuts.jpg

Drill Holes

Final Cuts

Build Videos

Attaching the Rails to the Z-Axis Rail Support


X-Axis Motor Assembly, Structural Sides, and X-Axis Table