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Parametric Printrbot Variant

Release status: experimental

Parametric Printrbot Variant is a parametric version of the Printrbot design.
CAD Models
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The Parametric Printrbot Variant needs a better name. It is inspired by the Printrbot, but is a complete redesign in OpenSCAD to be more robust (without the loose press-fit mountings), but still extremely simple. It is being designed for use with 6mm smooth/threaded rods and NEMA14 motors like the ones used in the Huxley design, and LM6UU bearings for linear motion, though its parametric nature means that NEMA17/M8/LM8UU versions will also be possible. The parts are currently hosted on thingverse, and the latest updates/previews can be found on Whosawhatsis' Google+ page. This design is a work in progress.


In addition to the printed parts, the following parts are required (this is a tentative list, and the parts WILL change before the design is complete):

  • 4 high-torque NEMA14 motors.
  • 3 pairs of 6mm smooth rods (measurements will depend on desired build volume).
  • 2 pairs of M6 threaded rod (measurements will depend on desired build volume).
  • 10 M6 nuts.
  • 2 M6 nylock nuts.
  • 8 M6 washers.
  • 11 LM6UU linear bearings.
  • 3 623 bearings.
  • 13 10mm M3 screws.
  • 7 30mm M3 screw.
  • 2 50mm M3
  • Aproximately 13 M3 nuts and washers.
  • 1 sheet of MDF or other flat material (measurements will depend on desired build volume).