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1 unit in STL is 1mm on RepRap.

Thanks I uploaded a new version of my hat rack. I will redo the cup a bit later. I am still unsure how to upload images and attach them to the stl files so that people will have a chance to see what the objects should look like. At least vaguely.

You upload pictures of the object in the same way as you uploaded the STL, then you create a new page that describes the object and shows the pictures and links to the STL file.

Here is an example Knob. For people to be able to find it, you need to add a line to the table on the Available_Files page.

Thanks again I just put up a page with the picture and the stl file.


Hi Gorg,

 I printed the hat rack and uploaded a picture.


Thanks Chris I like the way it looks. The layer artifact of the 3D printer adds something. Makes it look more natural. Though it does look a bit like a trophy taken from the Green Eggs and Ham universe. ;-) I will fix the rounded base issue and upload a corrected file. Do you have any suggestions as to how large it should be?


Yes green is not very attractive for these sorts of things but it does photograph a lot better than black or white. I am told that dipping in solvent is a way to get a smooth finish. This would be an ideal shape to try that out.

I think the size is fine for RapRap, HydraRaptor only has about half the build area. It is not problem scaling it. It took about 4 hours to build at 70% of the original size.


Gorg, What is the lip at the bottom for?

It's supposed to be for change or keys something small that your going to want to grab when you take your coat. But it may be too small for that.


Added an eight sided die.