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I'm a new builder in Boston, MA, USA. I've started writing an assembly guide for the TechZone laser cut Mendel on the page Complete Beginner Help. I'm very inexperienced at building things and mechanical engineering in general, and I find that writing documentation helps me learn. If you have a cool project that needs to be written up clearly so that more people can understand what you're doing, drop me a line here or via email. My email address is the same username I have here at

I'm not on a schedule; I'm more interested in comprehensively learning and explaining stuff than getting results. My focus is on the gap between free culture and mainstream culture, which I think can be reduced to a shortage of documentation geared towards beginners and people coming to technically-minded free culture communities from the proprietary world (after being here for only a few days, I can already see that there's no lack of interesting research going on).

Finally, I'm sensitive to the fact that people devote lots of time and energy to the projects here. If something I've written reflects a misunderstanding, please let me know so I can correct it.