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For this class we write weekly blogs on a variety of topics that have to do with 3D printing.

Blog 1: Thingiverse

We had to explore around on Thingiverse and find different items.


An item that is amazing/beautiful

Here's a gorgeous Japanese-style folding screen with an ocean print. The design is both beautiful and simple although it looks complicated. I love the repeating pattern of the sides and the details on the bottom. Source


An item that is funny or strange

One of my favorite movies is Sweeney Todd and I found (by cleverly using the search bar) this Sweeney Todd razor. If you haven't seen the movie or musical, you probably would put this in the useless category, especially because it's probably not sharp enough to cut anything. But I think it's a fun print, even if it would be weird to randomly whip out. If you don't know what the movie about, Sweeney Todd is a barber and his accomplice is a pie maker (see if you can make the connection). Source


An item that is useless

This ping pong ball seems really pointless. If you wanted customization, you could probably use sharpie or acrylic paint on a regular ping pong ball and draw whatever you wanted. Also, I think it would be extremely difficult to print out a sphere perfectly, and having an imperfect ball would really effect a ping pong game. Source


An item that is useful

This is a cool print of a fold-able booklet. They didn't go into much detail of the technique they used but it is definitely unique, probably because I haven't seem that many wood prints. I think it would be cool to customize the front of the booklet, too. For example, you could have your name "engraved" on the front. The creators also mentioned how combining steps and using simple designs allows for cheaper production which is what I think a big part of 3D printing is. Source


The best printable Raspberry Pi case I could find

This was the best case that I could find. It had a lot of made versions and a lot of likes. It also allows for customization of the case, because the cut-out holes (that are in the shape of a raspberry in the original version) can be changed (there are some examples in the collection of "I Made One" pictures). The instructions also include a detailed blog post which seems useful for trouble-shooting and gives a lot of credibility to the creators. Source

Out of all the prints I found, none of them really surprised me. I'm not entirely sure how the wood booklet one prints and I'm a bit surprised/confused that someone would print a ping pong ball. I also am still not sure how printing with supports looks like so I would be interested to see that, but not surprised by the outcome, since classmates have already explained how supports work.