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We learned how to make configurations to run the printing process.


We were assigned in teams, in my case team 5.










Prof Mike encouraged me to see a way to put a fan in the printer support, in order to avoid the nozzle to overheat.


I took some measurements of the fan and pass it to a SolidWorks file.


I made in Solidworks, using a base of the nozzle founded in the Reprap website, a support for a fan. It ended up not being useful because the position of the fan was in one of the axis of the printer.


I talk to Ian and was looking for options to make a printer, fixing one of the oldest one. I decided to work with the printer Black.



I tried to work with the printer Black. I identified a few problems like one of the z axis is broken, it need a new nozzle and some balance ( put the same distance between all the axis).


I started to work in the new base to put a new nozzle in the printer Black. Ian gave me a file he have for a new base with a hole in the bottom, to fit the new nozzle. I edited the file and also tried to manually work or older bases we had in the lab to try to make a hole.


I had a lot of difficult to find a printer up an running, so I asked for an opportunity doing some design work and try to printer later on. I talked to Ian and he mention about the need of a gear.


Using SolidWorks I started to see ways to do the gear Ian showed me.


Another opportunity that showed up, was to fix a scissor that was broke ( one of the cables). Prof Mike gave it us so we can figure out what to do next.


We tried to clean the scissor, by removing the rest of the plastic of the previous cable. Try to remove it using tools wasn't very efficiente ( more details later, in 'Extra Projects').




We did the quiz and started to work on the printing service.



I finished the model of the gear and sent it to Ian. Also , my group continue the printing service process. Gear.JPG


EXTRA PROJECT - Scissor Repair Summary – Professor Mike gave us a scissor that after several use ended up breaking one of the cables. The challenge he gave us was to use 3d printing, fix the scissor. Step 1 – Preparation

The first step was to remove rubber from the broken part of the cable. We tried to cut but the material was too strong. In order to remove it, we put in the fire, in a very slowed and controlled process, heating up, putting in cold water and then trying to scratch the rubber. The process took about 15-20 minutes.

Step 2 – Project

Later, after take some measurements we tried to model the cable in SolidWorks. Two versions were made, a simplified(1) and a more ergonomic(2). The reason of the two models is see which one will be more reliable in the manufacturing (printing) part.

1 - Simplified version

2 – Ergonomic version Step 3 - Manufacturing Unfortunatelly, we didn't had enough time to print the models, but they will be given to the professor so latelly other teams can make that possible.


1 – Title: ‘’3d Printing, clothes & Sensors : for US soldiers’’ Link: I really liked the article and is amazing how 3d printing can be used for print clothes. The army gave a good start on research about 3d printed clothes but I believe it can go beyond. For example, instead of massive production of clothes in many different colors and sizes, would be much more beneficial for the environment (less waste) and profitable to print clothes for the costumers. The client could be scanned and then choose every single detail of his shirt, pants and shoes and print exactly the way he wants. So I amazed of that advance in cloth industry, and I hope that expand to a level that not only the military but for people of different ages and cultures. Also, when the person don’t want the printed cloth anymore, an option would be to recycle so more clothes could be made.

Artigo 1.png

2 – Title: ‘’ NASA Is Building the World's First 3D-Printed Satellite Camera’’ Link : In this amazing article, it shows how NASA is using the 3D printing technology to print entirely an instrument. Is very interesting to see how 3D technology can help engineers to make better machines and instruments by using the concept of Maintainability ( how easy is to correct and repair a device after put in operation). Since the idea is to make a part fully with 3D printing, any sort of fail will be easy to fix since any of the parts could be printed. This could be very useful for space exploration, but also for areas of difficult and/or dangerous access, like far places and villages and research stations like in Antarctica. Is the future of mechanisms easy to repair, would could boost the research and industry much further.

Artigo 2.jpg

3 – Title: ‘’ Discov3ry Paste Extruder: Affordable Add-on for 3D Printers’’ Link: This article is about an innovation of a device that allows the printer to use paste materials as the filament, and this can be anything like for example food. Is a pretty cool advance allowing for example bakeries to make even more customized products for their clients? Is one more broken barrier of 3d printing for allowing different kind of materials to be quickly prototyped?

Artigo 3.png

4– Title: ‘’Food is the next frontier of 3D printing’’ Link: The article talks about the use of 3D printing for food. Is a huge advance so in the future we might be even able to look up for the recipes of like and print a desired shape of pasta, for example.

Artigo 4.jpg

5– Title: ‘’ 3D Printing: 10 Ways It Could Transform Space Travel’’ Link : I liked this article because it mentioned the importance of 3D printing for the Space Travel in different ways, like making objects with different and complex geometries, can bring to real life CAD designs and especially make pieces with lighter weight ( complex and hollow geometries that can guarantee resistance with less weight). And also, all this can be possible during mission, all in the space.

6– Title: ‘’ Nursing homes in Germany serve 3D-printed food’’ Link:’ The article mentions about how a company in Germany is using 3D printing to make food for nursing homes. They look and taste good, but the differential is that they focus on the elderly people needs, because one big problem is the difficulty to chew and swallowing. Also in the future this could be very important to help people to combat eating disorders like obesity, using healthy substances to make different a ‘taste-looking foods.

7– Title: ‘’ NASA Funding 3D Food Printer Research (The Replicator!?)’’ Link:,news-17053.html The article focus on the production of printed foods, like for example a pizza. It will be a very important advance especially for space travels, since astronauts need a large food stock that will last for years. Also the option of 3d printed foods can be very useful for situations of poor and distant areas, when people suffer for not having enough food due to supply problems.

8– Title: ‘’ Printing products at home is ‘cheaper than shopping’.” Link: In this article, is mentioned that 3d printing some goods at home will be cheaper than buy it, for example to make a cellphone cover. I think this is amazing, because would make commerce much more easier and give much more power to the costumer to choose exactly what and how he wants. Companies could invest in supplying materials and selling designs to the costumer so they can make a good profit and let the costumer print out his product.

9– Title: ‘’ 3D Printing: Employment Boom or Employment Swoon?’’ Link: This interesting article make a very interesting view of the economic impact of 3d printing. It mentions that jobs can be lost especially in manufacturing and retail sectors, but also supports the creation of millions of jobs, like people to make, sell and fix the printers for examples. The same concerning happened before with the creation of the computer, where many people thought would finish a lot of jobs, but at the end created millions and millions of careers opportunities.

10– Title: ‘’ Bionic eye: 3D printing merges contact lens and QLEDs’’ Link: It's great to see that 3d printing has contributed to several sectors of our society. In the case of this article, the process is interesting, because it uses 3D printing to merge quantum dot LEDs with contact lens. It shows that people can use 3D printing to create complex electronics including semiconductors. maybe in the future people will be researching the feasibility of other 3D-printed electronics, such as transistors.

11– Title: ‘’ 3-D Printing Is Changing the Future of Prosthetics’’ Link : The article mention about the 3D printing helping in the health sector and how the 3D printing can make better more adapted and cheaper prosthetics. Especially for kids, that need different prosthesis every year. Also, is very beautiful to see that this prosthetics that are being made have cool names that made the kids feel like superheroes and proud of their 3d printed hands. So, 3D printing is giving also hope and can change the life of thousands of people, for being an easy and cheaper process.

Artigo 11.jpg

12– Title: ‘’ Congenital heart disease: 3D-printed hearts could lower surgeries in children’’ Link: This article talks about the use of 3D print to make organs, in this case, human hearts especially for children with congenital disease problem. Is another amazing use of 3D printing, making capable the production of organs, saving lives of thousands of people who are in need for a transplant and helping other in cases when the human body rejects the transplanted organ.

Artigo 12.jpg 13– Title: ‘’ Meniscus Regenerated with 3D-Printed Implant’’ Link: The article is about the use of 3D printing in health, to make an implant of the menisci. This treatment was effective in sheeps, and is one step close to be successfully used in humans. Menisci problems are huge and occur to millions of people.

File:Artigo 13.jpg

14– Title: ‘’ 3D Printed Ergonomic Keyboard Customizes the Keys for Every Individual’s Hands’’ Link: This article shows a very interesting use of 3D printing: ergonomic and adapted keyboards for each individual use. Is a very cool technology because a loto of people from differente careers need to use computer daily at work, and this kind of technology would help improve people’s life and reduce carpal tunnel syndrome and pain in the back due to excessive computer use.

Artigo 14.png