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Main Body

Wooden Parts

Quantity Description Type Comments
2 445x18x45mm Board Drawer slides X-axis
2 200x18x45mm Board Drawer slides Z-axis
1 300x18x45mm Board Attachment for the captive nut, Y-axis
2 50x18x45mm Board Attachment for the captive nut, X-axis and Z-axis
2 415x18x70mm Board Base Frame
2 450x18x70mm Board Base Frame
2 350x18x70mm Board Vertical frame, X-axis
1 160x18x70mm Board Z-axis, extruder mount
1 110x18x70mm Board Z-axis, motor mount
1 300x400x18mm Board Bed. A 5 mm plywood may be used to reduce mass.

Everything is plain softwood. The cheap kind from the hardware store. (It is not intended to be long lasting) Be carefull to choose only straight boards and planks. Leave the warped behind. If you intend for the machine to last longer, better quality wood can be used and glued together as well as using screws.

All dimensions are rough measurments, some adaptations will be required.

Non-Wooden Parts

Quantity Description Type Comments
2 250mm Rail Come in pairs. Four total rails.
1 450mm Rail Come in pairs. Two total rails.
- 4x25mm SPAX screws Fastener A good handful of screws (Ex. Spax)
- 3x15mm SPAX screws Fastener A good handful of screws
- 4x35mm SPAX screws Fastener A good handful of screws
3 NEMA 17 bipolar stepper motors Stepper Be sure to get ones with at least 20mm of shaft length
6 100x100mm brace Fastener Corner braces for base frame (Ex. Corner Brace)
4 120x120mm brace Fastener Flat corner braces for base frame
Option 1: Threaded Rods
2 M10x350mm Threaded rod X-Y-axis
1 M5x200mm Threaded rod Z-axis
4 M10 nut Fastener X-Y-axis. 2 per axis.
2 M5 nut Fastener Z-axis. 2 per axis.
3 Aquarium tubing Misc Coupling purposes
4 Hose clamp Misc Coupling purposes
Option 2: Timing Belt
1 840mm×5mm T5 pitch timing belt Belt Y-axis
1 900mm×5mm T5 pitch timing belt Belt X-axis
1 M8x18cm Threaded rod Z-axis
3 M8 nut Fastener Z-axis
1 M8 brass plug Fastener
1 Cable tie Fastener
4 60mm chair angle Fastener
4 608 roller skate / inline skate / skateboard bearing Bearing

The seat angle can be quite easy to convert with holders for 42mm flange NEMA17 steppers (see below) In Mendel timing belt kit is usually included in a Z-strap width 16mm. For one need only one Mendel 5mm wide, after splitting then remains a second.


Printed Parts

Quantity Description Type Comments Diagram
1 extruder block RP File:M8 Extruder M8-extruder-block-3.jpg
1 extruder idler block RP File:M8 Extruder M8-extruder-idler-block-2.jpg
1 11 tooth drive gear RP File:M8 11t17p.jpg
1 39 tooth M8 hub driven gear RP File:M8 39t17p.jpg

Non-Printed Parts

Quantity Description Type Comments
2 608 bearings, skateboard bearings Bearings
1 M8X50 bolt Fastener to be hobbed, M8x60 has a longer smooth part, allows a second lock-nut, and may be easier to find
1 M8 nut Fastener Nyloc works better, but a pair of nuts will also work
4-5 M8 washers Fastener to space the large gear clear of the motor retaining bolt heads
1 608 bearing, skateboard bearing Bearings
1 (M)8X20 Threaded rod
4 M4X60 or M4X45 hex head bolts Fastener Hex head will work best (they won't turn), and longer than 45 mm will be easier to assemble if you can find them.
4 M4 nuts Fastener typically wing nuts
8 M4 washers Fastener
4 ~4mm ID springs Spring Sized to fit over an M4 bolt, unsprung length of 10-12mm, each spring providing 25-35N load. For a given filament drive force, you'll need about twice the spring force - i.e., if you want 100N of filament drive, your springs need to push with about 50N each.
16 M4 washers Fastener optional; 4 washers on each M4X45 idler bolt between the main block and the idler block will limit the idler travel and make reloading filament easier.
NOTE: Some users have their extruders working without springs, but springs are recommended. A good source for these springs is in the cloth-cabinet on spring loaded skirt-hangers or trouser-hangers. Just cut the right length off the springs.
Hot End Mount
2 M3X35 bolts Fastener
4 M3 washers Fastener
2 M3 nuts Fastener
1 2.5mm drill See section Hot End
Stepper Motor Mount
3 M3X10 bolts Fastener Low profile bolt heads might work better here
3 M3 washers Fastener
1 M3 grub screw Fastener To secure the pulley, ideally 8mm long, but anything 6mm+ should be fine
1 M3 nut Fastener To secure the pulley
Stepper Motor
1 NEMA 17 bipolar stepper motors Stepper 5 kg*cm works well; Kysan 42BYGH4803 is what I used. Should be capable of creating a holding torque of at least 40Ncm, at the very least.
Extruder Mount
2 M4X20 bolts Fastener
2 M4 nuts Fastener
2 M4 washers Fastener