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Nice to see people interested on printing. I spend some weeks and some money to buy 2 Epson printers and try put them printing on PCB cooper. I couldn't make it mainly because paper feeder can't feed a PCB :-(

Then I started to working on the idea of plotting and my work/tests/results are here:

I wish we have our own printhead...

Yahoo groups have direct printing of pcb, I had a go at the setup they do and it worked, for some reason yellow ink is best.

Piezo printing in 3d

Just stumbled across this, very cool stuff. As someone unfamiliar with piezo print heads I see the implication that we could piezo print colors onto the printed plastic but are there any materials we could 3d print using a piezo head such as water-soluable supports? I'd be quite interested to know. --TheOtherRob 21:23, 9 November 2010 (UTC)

Please join in on the forum, I know of a commercial machine that does that.