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I know its contrary to Open Source, but for most Hobbyists Eagle is easier to use.

I have started to re-layout your v1.4 board as a Eagle board, in the process shriking it enough to fit underneath the printbed, mounted to the threaded rods, on a Printrbot. This should save some cost...

Can I make a derivative (new page) and link it from yours?


[pointers deleted]

Sure you can make a derivative. Please just don't call it "Gen7", much less "Gen7 v1.4.1". This will confuse users, because Gen7 will continue to develop, too. What I can see from the picture, feature-parity isn't intended: usage of SMT chips, no extension board header, different endstop headers, etc. One could also name it a single sided Sanguinololu, so why link from the Gen7 page?
--Traumflug 23:24, 10 July 2012 (UTC)

Peter, I've seen you simply ignored what I said and still call your derivative "Gen7" in your blog, now "v1.4A". This isn't a Generation 7 Electronics, your design has flaws which were solved for Gen7 long ago. Enough said. --Traumflug 22:03, 30 July 2012 (UTC)

Wrong Tag


I found that there is a wrong tag. {{Languages|Gen7 Board 1.4}} should be {{Languages|Gen7 Board 1.4.1}}. However, the France version uses the wrong tag as well. Shall we move them back to correct location?

Thanks, unioasis

Thanks for the hint. I've fixed it to use the 1.4.1 tag. The french version actually is the 1.4 version (and currently out of date, should be renamed to and edited for 1.4.1). I hope this matches your and the wiki's expectations. --Traumflug 15:16, 20 August 2012 (UTC)
Wow~ So speedy! I've updated the French version and Chinese version as well. It won't have any conflict now. --Unioasis 15:24, 20 August 2012 (UTC)

Pictures and others

There is a little mistake in the upload bootloader section:

avrdude -C ..\..\etc\avrdude.conf -c ? # find your programmer, e.g. "avrispv2"

should be:

avrdude -C ..\etc\avrdude.conf -c ? # find your programmer, e.g. "avrispv2"

Would be great if sb could verify.

Is there an option to upload new photos with the new 1.4.1 or can we put the Versionnumber under the pictures. I built my Gen7 with this wiki and sometimes i was vrey confused.