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SFACT is a simplified version of Skeinforge with some enhancements and some unnecessary plugins deleted.  It has correct default values and does not mess up your current SF install as it stores its settings in its own .sfact folder located in the Skeinforge folder.  You can get it at: https://github.com/ahmetcemturan/skeinforge

This version of Skeinforge is for stepper extruders only....

In general all default values are now chosen for good prints with 3mm filament and 0.5 nozzle (assuming that this is th emainstream). Even If not, settings are now very easy: Bottom: You don't have to touch it... You can enter a NEGATİVE value in additional height if your nozzle is hovering slightly above the printbed when zeroed.

Carve: THE MOST IMPORTANT DECISION You make... Decide your layer height( for Z resolution) Decide your extrusion width (for XY-sharpness). (Imagine to write small letters with a thick marker) In SFACT it is entered in mm as you probably do not design an object like : lets make the wall thickness 3 times the bottom thickness or so... It will not change when you change layer height.

Important is here that your width should be at least the same or higher than the layer height. Also: 0.8 x D^2 <= w x h <= 2 x D^2 where D=nozzle diameter, w= extrusion width, h= layer height other wise you wil squirt around or drip extrusion uncontrolled.

Infill in direction of bridges: leave it on when you are printing a technical part where you have flat bridges.. Turn off if you are printing organic shapes with lots of half and angled overhangs.. Other wise you will end up with many unnecessarily 100% filled layers.

Main changes from Skeinforge 41: