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RepStrap v1.0 "Seedling"

This is the holder page for the future documentation on the 'Seedling' RepStrap machine.



This machine is designed around the McWire Cartesian Bot which is an easy 3-axis design.


There are two options when it comes to electronics: Generation 1 and Generation 2. Gen 1 electronics have been tested and work. They do however suffer from a variety of problems. The Gen 2 electronics aim to solve these problems. Below is a comparison between the two electronics systems

Generation 1 Electronics


  • software that currently works
  • relatively large base of users who have them built and are actively using them.
  • modular design at network level


  • lack of easy programing
  • lack of a reliable compiler (SDCC issues)
  • very rough stepper driving
  • poor temperature measurement, etc.

Generation 2 Electronics


  • easy programming through Arduino
  • rock solid compiler (avr-gcc)
  • chopper-style stepper driving
  • ADC temperature readings
  • based on other open source project (Arduino)
  • modular on network and peripheral level


  • Software still under development


ThermoPlastic Extruder