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Have you joined the secret cabal yet? reprap-dev: the friendly but technical and technical but friendly mailing list.

All of us official developers hide in an an open mailing list called reprap-dev.

If you're reading this, then you are definitely an official developer!

Please join us in the reprap-dev mailing list, and help us take over the world make RepRap better and make better RepRaps:

The West of England User Group has been created for RepRappers in the counties of

Cornwall Devon Somerset Dorset Bath & North East Somerset West Somerset North Somerset Bristol South Gloucestershire Gloucestershire Wiltshire

Please visit Home > RepRap User Groups > Europe > United Kingdom > West of England RUG > Please read & post there if you are interested. Please read the posting aboput a proposed initial get together late May early June which could lead to a series of get togethers in different locations within the region if there is sufficient interest.

There are already two groups within the West of England (Devon & Portsmouth) hopefully a regional get together may help identify the need for a few more. Please PM vizion if you are interested and let me have contact information.

David Southwell


Location to be advised

RepRap Map link.


First meeting planned for late May early June in the Bristol Area. Please let me know asap if you are interested PM vizion Thanks David Southwell

Nearby Robot Hobby Clubs

  • local First Robotics Competition
  • local RoboOne and Robot hobby group.

Keyword searches to help you find Geek Groups Meetups

(keywords: your town, artist-run center, artbot, barcamp, dorkbot, experimental media, ham radio, linux, arduino, blender, circuit bending, RC aircraft, rocketry, cnc, etc.) This will require a few google searches, where you enter your town and one of the keywords above into the following string: "Your Town" keyword (meetup OR meeting OR group OR club OR society OR workshop OR hobby) [] []

  • Local/Nearest FabLab or Techshop,
  • Community College with a Machine Shop that people can use?
  • CNC Group Meetups on or otherwise


Official RepRap Suppliers

Local Suppliers

Local Shops may be better or worse than buying from online retailers. This depends on your local shops and what you're getting. Stepper motors you'll want to get online, steel rod - perhaps not. Fasteners, it depends. You may want to check your yellow pages to look these up, as opposed to online.

  • Local Steel Suppliers (e.g. Construction suppliers)

Bath - Avery Knight and Bowler Chippenham - Blade Engineering (may supply large quantities to individuals)

  • Local Bearing Suppliers (Skateboard Shop)

Bath - Route One (skateboard shop) Shepton Mallet - Express Bearings and Transmissions

  • Local Fastener Suppliers

Bath - Avery Knight and Bowler

  • Local Electronics Suppliers

  • Local Machine Tool/Industrial Supply, (Occasionally unwelcome to hobbyists, but who knows?)
  • Local Electronics Surplus Shop

You may want to check:

  • Local Jeweler's Supply Shop

(For all those tiny drill bits for the nozzles.)

  • Local 3D Printer and materials supplier

Bristol - Bits from Bytes HQ -

Bristol - RepRapPro Ltd


Please PM your details and let me know if you would like them to appear here